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Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC)

The Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC) is like a guiding star in the ADHD coaching universe. It sets the gold standard for ADHD coaching, ensuring that coaches are well-trained, knowledgeable, and equipped to make a real difference in the lives of those with ADHD. Think of PAAC as your trusted source for finding top-notch ADHD coaches who can help navigate the complexities of ADHD with expertise and empathy.

JST Coaching & Training

JST Coach Training is your launchpad to becoming an expert ADHD coach. This program is all about equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those with ADHD. It's like enrolling in a masterclass for ADHD coaching, where you emerge not just as a coach, but as a life-changer in the ADHD community. They also have a directory to find ADHD coaches.


Shimmer offers a beacon of support for adults grappling with ADHD. As a comprehensive virtual coaching service, it features both a mobile app and a web platform, designed to offer consistent support and accountability. It's tailored to help users tackle common ADHD challenges like difficulty concentrating and frequent overwhelm, facilitating personal growth and improved daily functioning.

Edge Foundation

The Edge Foundation offers a transformative resource for women with ADHD, tailored to address their unique challenges and experiences. It's a sanctuary where women can find specialized support, including insights into how ADHD manifests differently in women compared to men, and effective strategies for management and empowerment. Dive into a wealth of resources that not only enlighten but also equip women with ADHD to navigate their daily lives with confidence and resilience.

Creating Positive Futures

Creating Positive Futures offers a ray of hope and guidance for students grappling with academic challenges and ADHD. This service is like having a dedicated mentor and coach who understands the unique hurdles these students face, providing personalized strategies and support. It's about transforming struggles into strengths, paving the way for academic success and a brighter, more confident future. (high school & entering college) online only

Beyond Book Smart

Beyond Book Smart offers a virtual lifeline for those seeking to master executive functioning and manage ADHD. This online coaching service is like having an executive functioning guru at your fingertips, providing tailor-made strategies and support to help you or your child navigate the complexities of ADHD. It's about going beyond traditional learning, equipping you with the skills to excel in both academics and daily life. Let them know if you would like them to communicate with your psychiatric provider to provide updates on your progress. 



Hero Journey Club is a groundbreaking therapy adventure, perfect for clients with ADHD who love gaming. It combines the thrill of popular video games with the benefits of expert-led, anonymous mental health support sessions. Imagine diving into your favorite game while gaining valuable insights and tools for your ADHD journey, all in a fun, engaging, and familiar environment.


ADHD Rewired

This podcast is like having a wise mentor for your ADHD journey. It offers insightful strategies, heartfelt stories, and a supportive community, making managing ADHD feel more doable and less daunting.

Hacking Your ADHD

Imagine this podcast as your fun, quirky guide to outsmarting the daily puzzles of ADHD. It's packed with creative hacks and tips, turning ADHD challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

The ADHD Friendly Lifestyle

This podcast is your go-to for tips on adapting your lifestyle to your ADHD. It's like having a friend who gives you practical, life-enhancing advice, making everyday living with ADHD more manageable and joyful.

ADHD Essentials

Consider this podcast a toolbox for navigating ADHD, especially for parents and educators. It offers valuable insights and support to help understand and effectively manage ADHD in children and adults.

ADHD Diversified

This podcast celebrates the diverse experiences of living with ADHD. It's an enlightening listen, offering various perspectives that widen your understanding and connection to the ADHD community.

Holy Sh*t I Have ADHD

This podcast is like a heart-to-heart with a friend who's just discovered they have ADHD. It's honest, relatable, and full of those 'aha' moments about the everyday realities of living with ADHD.

Erik’s Infinite Quest

Join Erik as he navigates the intersections of personal life and ADHD. This podcast is a blend of personal stories and ADHD discussions, making it both engaging and insightful.


For the lovers of role-playing games, this podcast is a creative twist on exploring ADHD topics through the lens of Dungeons & Dragons. It's an imaginative and fun way to delve into ADHD discussions.


From the trusted ADDitude magazine, this podcast is a wealth of expert advice and relatable stories. It's a must-listen for anyone looking to understand ADHD better and find practical ways to manage it.


This podcast is a candid, often humorous look at life with ADHD from a woman's perspective. It feels like a lively chat with a friend who gets the unique challenges and joys of being a woman with ADHD.

Motherhood in ADHD

Tailored for moms navigating the ADHD world, this podcast is a mix of support, strategies, and understanding. It's like having a supportive circle of moms who share the journey of parenting with ADHD.

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